The ineluctable allure of Joan Holloway

Chuck D. taught me a long time ago not to believe it. Yet I’ve recently bought into the “Mad Men” hype. But I have an explanation. Five of them.

1. Zippy DVD packaging.

2. The look.

With excellent set design, costumes and art direction, “Mad Men” is a marvel to watch, even with the sound turned down.

3. The “The Sopranos” connection

I whiffed on “The Sopranos.” I kept telling myself I would get around to watching it. I never did. And I refuse to watch any series on DVD that exceeds four seasons (You barely made the cut, “The Wire.”) I’m not going to make the same mistake with “Mad Men”, which was created by “The Sopranos” writer and producer Matthew Weiner.

4. Professional curiosity.

I’m a copywriter at an advertising agency. Although “Mad Men” is set in the Paleolithic Period as far as the advertising business is concerned, it’s interesting (and in some ways, even instructive for newcomers to the business) to see how the writers depict the industry. Of course, the depiction will often be oversimplified, and will exploit stereotypes for the sake of comedy and drama. But this is a prime-time TV drama, not a documentary.

5. Joan Holloway.

Even in the absence of the aforementioned reasons, “Mad Men” would still require my rapt, undivided attention thanks to the presence of Christina Hendricks, whose Rubenesque form — already awesomely appealing in ordinary 21st century clothes — is a first-round, first-minute knockout in the hip-hugging, chest-accentuating clothes of 1960.

Enough said.


4 Responses to The ineluctable allure of Joan Holloway

  1. missbuckmaster says:

    hope it doesn’t ruin the allure when I tell you that they add padding to Christina Hendricks’ wardrobe to create those curves… not that they didn’t do that in the 60s – or now – I’m just sayin’.

  2. Matt Gonzales says:

    Consider the allure unruined. After all, so much of what makes men drool, dolts that we are, is the product of illusion.

    Even unpadded, Ms. Hendricks’ has a shapely physique — I’ve done enough Google image searches to confirm it. And I’d rather she was padded than silicone-injected. And, finally, it’s not just her shapeliness that appeals to me, but also the way she moves, walks and talks. She’s just incredibly f’n sexy.

  3. missbuckmaster says:

    makes sense – especially since you’ll never see or feel her naked! I’m just bitter about doing all of these squats since (quite unfortunately for me) butts are the new boobs. I guess I just need to buy some padded jeans.

    thanks for the article (or is it called a post?) – you’ve inspired me to check out Mad Men. so far my interest in the clothes has been tempered by how unappealing all that smoking looks. but I’ll tune in and give it a shot.

    I will throw in one more bit of encouragement for you to watch The Sopranos: Adriana’s body is, well, unbelievable. hot Jersey girl perfection!

  4. Dan says:

    She’s been quoted several times saying she is definitely NOT padded….the girdles are tight and keep them in a certain form, but the body is all hers. If you YouTube other work of hers, you can see she looks just as Rubenesque.

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