Consumme 3.30.09

March 30, 2009

granger_300_adNot like Mike yet. This ESPN The Magazine article takes an in-depth look at rising Indiana Pacer star Danny Granger, arguing that although he has shown flashes of greatness, he hasn’t reached superstar status.

Insult to injury. As if the housing crisis wasn’t bad enough, now banks are beginning to refuse to take possession of foreclosed homes, leaving the costs of upkeep and maintenance up to the foreclosed owners.

Dead meat eaters. Would you participate in this study? It found that maggots help certain wounds heal faster, thanks to their appetite for dead tissue.


Consumme 3.27.09

March 27, 2009

oldham2‘Prince’ poses. Will Oldham — who just released a bombastic new country album, and who will visit Indianapolis soon — reveals himself to be just as idiosyncratic, odd and evasive as you’d imagine in this rare long-form profile published in the New Yorker a couple of months ago.

Sick state. Indy Star columnist Matt Tully writes a depressing, makes-you-wanna-move-elsewhere column about Indiana’s low rankings when it comes to the environment, health (of both the physical and emotional varieties) and work quality — and how little our state government is doing to correct the problems.

Take that Mac. Microsoft takes an overt slap at Mac users in this new commercial, which calls out both the exorbitant prices of Macs and the allegedly snobby culture that surrounds the brand.

Don’t give me what I want. “Made To Stick” authors Chip and Dan Heath explain why soon, customers may be willing to pay companies to keep them from buying stuff.

I well up watching this.

March 18, 2009

John Vanderslice sings “The Parade” while walking around the streets of Seattle. Can’t wait to see him with The Mountain Goats in Bloomington in a couple weeks.

The insufficiency of irony.

March 10, 2009


“Look, man, we’d probably most of us agree that these are dark times, and stupid ones, but do we need fiction that does nothing but dramatize how dark and stupid everything is?” -David Foster Wallace.

Consumme 3.10.09

March 10, 2009

newly-identified-portrait-001Not Bard-looking. According to Shakespeare scholars, this newly unveiled painting is the only likeness of the bard created during his lifetime. From NY Times: “[It] shows a head-turner of a man…this Shakespeare has a fresh-faced complexion, a closely trimmed auburn beard, a long straight nose and a full, almost bouffant hairstyle.” Many have their doubts about its authenticity.

Bayh the way… Indiana congressman Evan Bayh, who recently penned a WSJ editorial urging Obama to veto the spending bill, is the least liberal of all Democratic senators according to a new study by the National Journal.

Poor Pacers. Literally. As the Indianapolis CIB announcee a $400,000 cut in grants to arts and tourism yestersday, CIB board VP also announced that the Indiana Pacers are losing about $30 million this season, and have lost money every year except two that the Simons have owned the team (It begs the question: What’s the big deal, then?). Early went to say that the Pacers would probably leave or shut down if the CIB didn’t assume those costs.

Bad paintings of Barack Obama. It is what it is.

Consumme 3.9.09

March 9, 2009

builttospill-keepitlikeasecretPitchfork 2009 line-up. Just announced this morning: Yo La Tengo, Built To Spill, The Walkmen, The National and Grizzly Bear are among those who will play the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago this year. Also noteworthy: Friday night will no longer feature bands playing classic albums. Instead, those acts (Yo La Tengo, Built To Spill, Tortoise The Jesus Lizard) will play sets voted on by ticket-buyers.

Changing Facebook. New features are coming to the popular social media site this week, including a newsfeed that’s updated in real time (look out Twitter) and new company profiles that will let brands act more like individual people.

iPhone envy. This super-useful app that lets you track your mileage, speed, pace and elevation while you run — and uses GPS techonology to show you a map of the route you took — is enough to make Consumat just give in and get an iPhone already.

The Media Misery Index. These stats should convince even the most optimistic newsprint cheerleader to admit that a change is on the horizon, and that it’s coming soooner rather than later.