Consumme 4.2.09

April 2, 2009

par196006Americomedy. Slate offers up an elegant, suprisingly affecting 25-frame picture gallery of American comics, including portraits of everyone from Lucile Ball and Lenny Bruce to Woody Allen and John Stewart.

Duke boys. In the 1980s, British popsmiths XTC pretended to be psyschedelic dandies with names like Sir Johns Johns and Red Curtain, and released two amazing recordings under the name Dukes of Stratosphear. Pitchfork gives the new reissues their due.

Message placement? The New York Times writes about how the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation is using its money to influence storylines in popular shows in an effort to push healthy choices and education.

Everything’s dead but the Internet. The Ad Contrarian — funny, scathing and smart, like always.